About Oivee Art

Oivee Art is a group of artists and designers riding the cutting edge of AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated art. Our art results from the collaboration of humans and computers to expand human consciousness and perception through amazing and intriguing visualizations.

In the simplest terms, AI art is artwork generated by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms directed, shaped, and influenced by human users. This new approach to art creation has been taking the world by storm and is set to upend a number of existing industries.

While legitimate concerns exist regarding the impact of AI art on human artists, it is our belief that the future of art inevitably lies in finding ways to collaborate with rather than prohibit AI influence in the realm of art.

To that end, Oivee Art strives to create art that inspires, amuses, delights, and sometimes shocks our viewers and customers with the aid of the world's best AI art creation tools.